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VR Tour

In class this week we are focusing on creating VR Tours to help us when we create the real video for the Limestone College VR Tour.

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How to shoot a Video

How to make a video using the rule of thirds.  If shooting person you use their eyes and nose. Landscape you use the mountain. 
180 Rule: May have to use two cameras but your getting two points of view.
Shooting interviews: Interviews are two shots. Don't ask yes or no questions. Tell the person to look at there person who is interviewing them.
Shooting B roll: Plan out the movements.  The movements that your going to make. Get a playlist.
Nose room ( needs to leave space for room). Second thing to remember is head room. Remember the rule fo thirds. Compose to keep control of hands and body movement. 

Music Video

Created a music video using stock footage (check it out below):

Voc Video Shots

Learning how to use the camera and learning vocabulary. Checkout the video below:

Reading Questions for Danesi’s “Semiotics of Media & Culture”

1. What is “semiotics?” semioticsis to study semiosis(the production andcomprehension of signs) as it manifests itself in human and non-human spheres 2. What is the “semiosphere” and how it can be both liberating and constraining. The semiosphere regulates and enhances human cognition in tandem. It can be cognitively straining because we are born into a fixed system, and that can alter the world we see around us. It can be liberating because we have the resources to construct new signs and systems at will. 3. What is the “semiotic law of media? The semiotic law of media states that when the media changes so does the sign systems of the culture. 4. The author sees the 1938 Radio Broadcast “War of the Worlds” as a “simulacrum.” What does he mean by that?This is when we believe what the media says to be true even when we know it is false. We then blur the lines between what is reality and what the media is saying. 5.What did Paul Lazarfeld discover in a 1956 study on media …

Topic Video

The topic that I chose was spring break. I love going on vacations with my friends and family and soaking up the sun. I created the video using Video blocker and music blocker. While creating the video it took some time to figure out how to edit the video. Other than that I enjoyed created the video an hope to Learn more material on how to make better videos.

Learning How to Edit Videos

Today in class we learned how to edit videos. Mr. Sanders taught us how to create a video using still photos this is call the Ken Burns Effect. This effect makes the picture look like it is an actual video that was shot. This technique is used for very old pictures. Below is a sample of the video created:

-Everything in this video is used off of freegal sites.