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VR Tour

In class this week we are focusing on creating VR Tours to help us when we create the real video for the Limestone College VR Tour.


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Chocolate Rain

History of Chocolate Rain:

This song was created by Tay Zonday back in 2007. Written to talk about racism. Website

Thoughts : 

        Tay Zonday was the creator of this crazy song Chocolate Rain. Which went viral back in 2007. Tay Zonday says that his song deals with race issues in America. He hits points like prison racisms amongst African Americans, economic racism, and racial problems. Initially, when I first heard this song I would have never guessed that this song focused on racism.

- Did you like the song?
- Did you know it was about racism?


   I am Kamari Littlejohn. In this class I plan to learn how to create blogs and how to attract an audiences. I also want to cover how to make a website and how to create a brand for myself. I am looking forward to a great year! Can't wait to see what the future holds.